KIWI NJ to MA Server Migration & Downtime

Fun times ahead lads!

As many of you may know, KIWI Retakes #6-8 are currently hosted in our Piscataway, New Jersey datacenter. We colocate our own hardware in a rack that we rent out from the company that runs the facility, Choopa. Recently we’ve decided to make moves to bring our hardware closer to where we live in Massachusetts. Tonight, August 13th, 2017 at 11:00 PM EST, we are embarking on a journey down to New Jersey to retrieve our hardware and move out of the datacenter only to zoom right back up to Massachusetts. The servers will be migrated into a more accessible datacenter run by Lightower that’s got much better connections to T1 providers and major internet backbones.

We’re expecting the entire migration to take a total of 11 hours. We’re anticipated to arrive at the current datacenter in NJ at around 4AM EST tomorrow, August 14th, at which point the servers will be going offline which probably won’t be too much of an issue since active players at 4AM is rarely above 5 players total. After we get everything powered down and un-racked, we’ll box it all up and begin our pilgrimage back to Southern MA where we reside. At about 9:30 AM EST, we’re predicted to arrive at the new datacenter at which point we’ll be speedily racking all the hardware back up and undergoing a heavy documentation and cable management process. By 11AM EST, we should have everything back online functioning normally with greater performance and reliability than ever before.

But why?

Our decision to move datacenters was a difficult decision but in the long run we think it’ll allow KIWI to grow in both player-base and accessibility. Our goals from the start were to provide excellent quality servers to players on the eastern seaboard. Over time we’ve noticed that 75% of our players hail from New England, Quebec, and Ontario. The move to Massachusetts should bring even more players in these regions well into range ping-wise while improving ping for a large majority of current players. From our HQ in Southern MA, we’d normally get 19-25 ping to the servers in NJ. Test servers we already have in MA have us connecting at 3-5 ping from all over the state. Boston players rejoice, you’ll soon get sub 5ms ping to all KIWI servers. Latencies from NJ, CT, and NJ additionally have proven to be very low since the new datacenter has far better peering with major internet exchanges as we detailed earlier.

If you’ve got any questions or concerns about the move, contact myself, Sparks, or Rogean directly on Steam or if you’d prefer email, our general help email

As always, good luck, have fun, and keep fragging!

-Andrew “drop” DeChristopher