We’re a small, 922 member CS community that specializes in excellent server quality. Come check our our servers sometime and while you’re at it take our PUG client for a spin.

A Brief History

We started as a single AWP FFA server in August 2015. Since then, it has grown into a monolith with a massive player base all over the world. We began developing the KIWI PUG Client to give our players an alternative to the costly ESEA while providing a vastly more enjoyable service to competing services like CEVO, FaceIt, and PopFlash. The PUG system currently runs a handful of matches per day on weekdays with about a dozen played per day on weekends. It’s nothing massive but we’ve been growing it steadily.

On the other hand in our public server division, as of August 2017, our Retakes servers see around 100,000 unique players per month.

We hope you find a home on our servers. They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.