Colo Migration Write-up

Hello /r/homelab and whoever in KIWI is reading this. Little intro, my name is DropSlays (or Andrew as some call me). I run a big gaming community called KIWI that operates quite a few of the most popular Counter-Strike servers on the east coast of [read more…]

KIWI NJ to MA Server Migration & Downtime

Fun times ahead lads! As many of you may know, KIWI Retakes #6-8 are currently hosted in our Piscataway, New Jersey datacenter. We colocate our own hardware in a rack that we rent out from the company that runs the facility, Choopa. Recently we’ve decided [read more…]

Hello world!

This is a pretty cool piece of software if I do say so. Welcome one welcome all to the KIWI blog. We’ll try to post regularly on here with topics ranging from general news to the nitty gritty on the engineering that goes on behind [read more…]

I am Sparks.

Look at this inactive blog. The last post was in January, and at this point, this entire web page is collecting dust. An inactive blog is a useless blog. This isn’t some shot at our pal Andrew or at the KIWI blog, It is more [read more…]